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About :

"Sabba" restaurant is a kosher Israeli Mediterranean restaurant located in Paphos, Cyprus. It is also a warm home for people who love good food, authentic atmosphere, and touching stories.

At Sabba, we serve Israeli Mediterranean grilled dishes based on traditional and authentic family recipes in a warm and inviting Jerusalem-style atmosphere. Behind the scenes of the restaurant lies a moving story about love, dreams, home, and family.

The Story of "Sabba":

The story of "Sabba" begins decades ago with Eliezer, the father of the restaurant's owner, in his childhood neighborhood in Jerusalem. Grandpa Eli was an incredibly talented cook, and the cooking aromas from their home kitchen attracted many neighbors and friends who would come to taste Eli's delicacies and enjoy his company.

Grandpa Eli even opened and managed an authentic Moroccan restaurant for a certain period, where he shared his love for food with his customers...

About the restaurant:

Sabba Restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic grilled dishes based on recipes passed down through generations, and a lot of heart. The menu includes fresh meats, roasted vegetables, fresh salads, hummus, and baked pitas straight from Angel Bakery in Israel.

Each dish in the restaurant is served with love and affection, using fresh and quality ingredients. The friendly staff at Sabba will be happy to host you and help you choose the perfect dish for you.

The atmosphere:

Sabba Restaurant is designed with an authentic Jerusalem atmosphere. The restaurant's walls are decorated with pictures of the Old City of Jerusalem, and Israeli music plays in the background. The traditional mosaic adorning the floor, the music, and the traditional flavors will leave no room for doubt and will take you straight to the bustling streets of vibrant Jerusalem.

The staff at Sabba will make sure you feel at home and will provide you with courteous and warm service.

Whether you are looking for a pleasant family meal, a place for a quick lunch, or simply a place to enjoy delicious food in a unique atmosphere, Sabba's Restaurant is the perfect place for you.

Come visit us and discover a world of flavors, home, and dreams.

Bon appétit!

Sunday - Thursday • 11:00 - 22:30
Friday • 11:00 - 17:00

Address: Dionysou 4, Kato Paphos 8041, Cyprus