Dionysou 4, Kato Paphos 8041, Cyprus

Dionysou 4, Kato Paphos 8041, Cyprus

Sabba Restaurant




Dionysou 4, Kato Paphos 8041, Cyprus


About Us

The Kosher Israeli Restaurant in Paphos - Sabba.

Welcome to Sabba, an authentic Israeli restaurant nestled in the heart of Paphos. Here, we bring you the richness and diversity of kosher Israeli cuisines, a remarkable combination of traditional food ways, with a modern twist.

Our enchanting atmosphere, complemented with music that resonates with the rhythm of Israel, ensures an unforgettable dining experience filled with warmth and joy.

Together with our celebrated chefs, Meir Adoni and Aviad Ben Shabat, we took a voyage across the extraordinary landscapes of Israel, from Jerusalem to Zefat, each dish a memento of our culinary journey. Meir and Aviad skillfully weave a unique tapestry of flavors, creating dishes that are firmly rooted in Israeli traditions yet enticingly innovative.

At Sabba, each dish is more than just a meal; it's an immersive trip into the soul of Israel. You will find irresistible aromas of washed Jerusalem spices, notes of abundant olive oil, a symphony of fresh greens, all served with an outpouring of love.

From our juicy shawarma that is marinated to perfection, to the homemade dishes that burst with the flavor of reunion and warmth, from the spiced falafel to the fluffy couscous - every plate tells a story of Israel. Even a simple pita here, named 'mixed Jerusalem,' gives a silent testimony to our culinary heritage that leaves you speechless.

Our freshly baked goods, crafted on the spot, guide you onto a unique culinary journey, one that is a triumph of taste, texture, and aroma.

Our interior is an artistic celebration with a dash of glamour; upon our walls, you will find resonating echoes of vintage Israeli folklore and portraits of "Ahad Ha'am", a nod to the history and the culture of Israel.

At Sabba, we offer more than just food; we promise a culinary experience – a slice of Israel, served right in the heart of Paphos.

You ar Welcome to visit us

Dionysou 4, Kato Paphos 8041 pahpos harbour📍

Sun-Thur: 11:00-23:00

Friday: 11:00-16:30 (Before Shabat)

Saturday: 19:30-1:00